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There are different packages to choose from, with up to 20 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload speeds.


A package with a data limit of 10 GB is available from 29.90 Euros per month. Prices vary with the type of contract chosen regarding the equipment (dish and modem) : purchase or rental..


Internet Anywhere

Internet anywhere…. Even here.

Using the new Ka satellite it is now possible to have Internet connections everywhere in Andalucia.

You can now have Internet in areas without  a telephone line or a “dongle”.  Your PC (or home network) connects to the Internet via a satellite  using a satellite dish similar to those used for Sky television or Canal Digitaal.  This allows installations in remote areas and makes you independent from all local providers.

There are several packages available to give you the speed that you need at a price that's very near to that of ADSL.

Other services we offer

PC repairs and software installation
Whether it's moving your data to a new pc or   recovering data from a dead laptop, we can probably help you.  

We can also help transfer books from your pc to your Kindle or one of the other e-readers..

Local networks
We can setup networks for you.  If you want to connect PC's that are too far away from the main building we can setup a wireless bridge for you.  


With more than 15 years experience in training users, we know what it takes to help users get acquainted with their systems

No cure no pay
And of course we work on a no cure no pay basis and give you a qoute before we start on a job.


The dish that is used for your connection is similar to the ones used for Sky television.  In most of the packages we offer the disk and modem are free of charge.

The dish and the modem